With over forty years experience in air brake & ABS Dr Airbrake has become a leading force in diagnostics, training & equipment for both operators & manufacturers of vehicles/trailers.

Fleet Parts Ltd are pleased to be an “Authorised Distributor” of the Trailer Check & Trailer Code Talk!

Trailer Check is a portable test unit that enables:

Trailer Check
  • A Single Operator to check the Trailer Lights
  • 4 different test modes,
  • EBS CAN line integrity to name but a few!

Trailer Code Talk allows the Operator:

Code Check
  • To access all Trailer ABS systems
  • Access the EBS system on Haldex, Knorr Bremse & Wabco.
  • Code Talk enables faults to be read & cleared
  • Hints for repair of faults store

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