Air2 San

Effective and reliable, AIR2 SAN is perfect to sanitise hotel rooms, bars, boats, waiting rooms, offices and rooms in general. Also in this case, the operator can benefit from its completely automatic operation, by simply starting AIR2 SAN via APP and waiting for the sanitation to complete.
Thanks to its sensors, AIR2 SAN will determine the correct amount of ozone to release. Reconverting the ozone into oxygen at the end of the procedure is essential to avoid re-entering a potentially irritant or illsmelling environment.

Axone Nemo2

The Nemo2 is the latest “TEXA flagship”, rich in advanced technical equipment, to provide maximum assistance to the workshop. Nemo2 presents a series of very unique features, many of them linked to the concept of internet connection. The Nemo2 is the perfect viewer to interact with all the other instruments Texa produce.

Navigator TXT’s

The Navigator TXT’s from TEXA is a PC based Truck, light commercial or Car diagnostic interface. Using the NEW IDC5 Plus PC software & communicating using a Bluetooth or USB connection, to access and diagnose vehicle electronic systems. Additional IDC5 vehicle software applications, Cars, Agricultural and Motorcycles can be integrated. Compatible with the Windows 10 operating system.

UniProbe & TwinProbe

It is a tool for measurements and testing activities: oscilloscope and high tension, multi-metre, battery control, alternator, starting engine, CAN net analysis. The UNI-Probe is a system for measuring analogue and digital measurements. A unique solution that includes six different tools, specifically developed for the automotive industry. The UNI-Probe is the evolution of the acquisition and measurement tools that assists the day-to-day experience of repair technicians and TEXA engineers.

Konfort 700 Series

To comply with the new environmental standards due to come into force 01st January 2011, TEXA has completely renewed its acclaimed “Konfort” range of air conditioning recharge stations. The high level of innovation characterising the new Konfort 700 Series is demonstrated by the fact that TEXA has a total of eight international patents pending. The Konfort 700 Series is made up of four different models, configured to satisfy the needs of all garages, from the smallest to the largest.

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