Texpack Subscriptions

TexPack is the annual IDC5 Software update contract available for Texa Software:

Truck – £770, OHW – £435 (Ex VAT)

By subscribing to a Texpack update package, TEXA customers will receive software updates for the diagnostic tools agreed in the contract with their supplier. Contract-holders can install all the updates, corrections or new versions supplied by TEXA. In particular, they will be able to install and update the program software using an active wireless internet connection. This allows users to have a diagnostic tool with the best and most up to date coverage of makes, models and systems.

Tex@Info & Search Subscriptions

Even if the TEXA solution is easy and direct, it may happen that a particular problem on a vehicle can’t be solved by either the technician or the tool. For this reason, the technician may need additional assistance, a guide that TEXA offers with its Technician Call Centre Service. TEXA’s Tex@Info Technical call centre is designed to provide assistance to customers using the TEXA diagnostic tool. The access to the Call Centre support is available to customers who subscribe to an Annual TexPack and Tex@Info package, and allows direct access to the UK TEXA Technical Department and receive technical assistance from a member of our team.

The Tex@Info subscription also allows the release of technical report information within the IDC5 software. All the members of the technical team provide support concerning the use and functionality of the TEXA products, and can also provide assistance as far as system and vehicle related problems are concerned. This service is provided by subscription, and is linked to the TexPack subscription for software updates:

Tex@Info is integrated with our “SEARCH” service, an exclusive information and assistance Service. Thanks to this option (that can be activated through an additional button “?” on the IDC5 software Menu) technicians will receive all necessary problem solving instructions directly on their TEXA Tool. Thanks to the “SEARCH” technology system powered by Google, mechanics input the problem’s description and, in a few seconds, a detailed problem solving schedule will be sent back. The function requires an ACTIVE internet connection.

An ACTIVE Texpack Subscription is required to make use of the Tech@Info Service.

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Delphi Subscriptions

The annual software subscriptions for your Delphi equipment is as follows:

Truck – £760 (Ex VAT)

Delphi’s DS heavy duty software allows users to perform high level diagnostics on trucks, buses, LCV’s and trailers. A highly efficient diagnostic tool, it includes functionalities such as intelligent system identification (ISI), intelligent system scan (ISS) and intelligent system updates (ISU), as well as features like setting of parameters, configurations, adjustments and calibrations, for quick and accurate diagnostics. Just as importantly it supports an extensive database with 47 heavy duty manufacturers on more than 57,000 vehicle systems.

Technical support is provided without charge for as long as the software subscriptions are active.

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