Quality and Environmental

At Fleet Parts, we are dedicated to the pursuit of technical excellence and providing the highest quality products and services possible. We have a commitment to protecting the environment and supporting and promoting practices that reduce the impact of manufacturing processes on the environment.

Remanufacturing by its nature, has far less impact on the environment as fewer raw materials and emissions are produced and previously manufactured components are recycled into highest quality parts with no loss of performance in comparison to OEM parts.

Our certifications

Fleet Parts is certified to ISO 14001:2015 which we achieved in may 2017.

This certification was awarded for our activities in the remanufacturing of commercial vehicle parts including the wholesale and retail sale of new and remanufactured parts to the commercial and trade vehicle industry. Also as a provider of diagnostic equipment and training for motor vehicle electronics systems.

This certification underlines our commitment to maintaining and improving our environmental performance across all our manufacturing and operational processes.

ISO 9001 Certification

Our commitment to quality is recognised by our achievement of ISO 9001:2008 which demonstrates our high quality processes and quality systems across the scope of our business. Quality has always been a guiding principle of Fleet Parts over the 40+ years of our history.

Although we are proud of achieving these globally recognised certifications, we are committed to developing our world-class manufacturing systems, processes and testing to even higher levels, hence our regular investment in machinery and state of the art technology.


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Quality and Environmental Policy:

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