Commercial Vehicle Brake Rollers

bm14200-trk_recessedThe BM14200 Roller Brake Tester (RBT) design involves technical solutions, which place the product among the strongest and most reliable brake testers in the market. The design allows for optional upgrades, which can enhance the durability to meet the toughest requirements in relation to high throughput test lanes as found at vehicle inspection centres and private repair work shops.

BM14200 key strengths

The BM14200 roller brake tester has one of the strongest designs in the market and is built to withstand a high daily throughput of fully laden vehicles. The BM14200 is designed for brake test of all vehicles from passenger cars to the heaviest of trucks. Some of the key strengths of the BM14200 brake tester are:

Large Chain Wheels

bm14200-recessed-brake-tester_page_6_image_01When a brake tester is used for testing of axles, which are semi or full laden, more stress is added to the chain system. This stress requires chain regular chain adjustments. Failing to maintain correct tension of chains will increase the risk of gear and motor damage.

In order to reduce required maintenance of chains and increase the life of the gears, motors and other components, the BM14200 is supplied with large chain wheels. Research suggests a stress reduction of approx 33 % and a reduction of required chain tightening from 4 times to once a year.

Large middle roller and improved damping system


The BM14200 is supplied with 80 mm diameter middle rollers, which provide a better contact with wheels with Knobbly tires. The damping system of the middle roller on BM14200 also enhances strength, lifetime and reliability.

Strength of roller axles

The strength of the axles of the rollers is increased, the roller axle on BM14200 is 60 mm. The bene t is a longer mechanical lifetime due to the increase of overload capacity.

Heavy Duty Bearings

The BM14200 is equipped with heavy duty bearings, which are designed to meet the extreme loads experienced when applying the brakes to lock of a fully loaded vehicle and to absorb chock loads if/when an axle is driven hard into the rollerbed.

Improved design of automatic weighing systembm14200-recessed-brake-tester_page_6_image_02

The BM14200 is equipped with higher quality weight transducers, which are less sensitive to stress and have a superior crimp-characteristic. This includes in particular a more durable design in situations, where vehicles presented are driving through for re-checks at relatively high speed.

The BM14200 rollerbed is “hung” in the weight transducers when placed in the sub frame. The bene t of this “hanging” design is less sensitivity of the accuracy to forward and backward forces and other vertical and horizontal movements of the rollerbed.

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