AXONE Nemo2 is the new “TEXA Flagship”, rich in advanced technical equipment, to provide maximum assistance to the workshop.
AXONE Nemo2 presents a series of very unique features, many of them linked to the concept of internet connection. To catch the eye at first glance is definitely the big ultra wide 12″ capacitive touch screen with resolution 2160 x 140, Gorilla Glass display, Intel® Quad Core N3160 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 250 GB of storage, dual band Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy.
Another world-beating feature of AXONE Nemo is the rapid installation of magnetic expansion modules to extend the device’s potential and resources for measurement and control, and to keep up to date with new developments of all kinds.

AXONE Nemo2  is a tool perfectly evolved even in the help and assistance to the mechanic: if the latter has a Wi-Fi, he can access the online database & view known vehicle & system faults. In case you need additional assistance the call center operator can also remotely access the TEXA, and proceed to make any changes and required inspections of the tool.
A traditional telephone call to the Tex call center can then be transformed into a link automatically via the web, where the garage operator can communicate with TEXA while taking control of the instrument and to resolve his doubts and uncertainties.
Obviously this tool has all the possibilities related to the NEW IDC5 Operating environment, so it can access the “Faults Fixed”, in TGS3, huge database tables made of vehicles scheduled maintenance, technical equipment, wiring system, new customer management and storage tests.

The latest IDC5 software, the vibrant heart of AXONE Nemo2, features a completely new architecture with touch gesture technology for an even better user experience. By swiping the display downwards you can reach all the functions you need in an instant and you can even zoom in on options and content of interest.

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Now’s the time to invest in equipment that will reduce your external repair bills i.e. replacement parts, vehicle fuel, workshop downtime and customer inconvenience.